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Lucas Di Grassi

Lucas Di Grassi is a Venture Partner at Vidavo. Although he is best known as an internationally successful racing driver, Lucas’s passion for clean energy has been with him all his adult life, leading him to become an outspoken advocate for zero-emissions mobility and the reduction of air pollution.

Lucas's Story

Lucas brings to Vidavo a wealth of knowledge about technological innovation in the mobility space, currently responsible for roughly one-fifth of global emissions. He believes prioritizing this issue in a meaningful way is critical to the long-term health of virtually everyone and everything on the planet. His deep experience in the sector is invaluable in helping the Vidavo team steer capital to the most effective and efficient technologies.

Born in Sao Paulo in 1984, Lucas began karting at age 10 and quickly ascended up the ranks of international motorsport. After reaching Formula 1 in 2010, he became the first driver to commit to the new Formula E series, the first elite motorsport division dedicated to electric vehicles. He not only played a key role in the foundation of the series itself but also the development of the prototype car used in the series’ first season. He subsequently won the first ever Formula E Grand Prix in Beijing in 2014, and remains the most successful driver in the history of the championship, with 13 race wins and 39 podiums.

In 2016, Lucas raised awareness about the acceleration of global warming by becoming the first person in history to drive a racing car on the Arctic Ice Cap. This drew the attention of the United Nations, who invited him to become an ambassador of their Environment Program. Today Lucas travels the world on behalf of the UNEP advocating for the importance of reducing air pollution and the development of clean energy.

Lucas is also CEO of the autonomous racing car project Roborace and Founder and CEO of his own electric bike start-up in Brazil. He lives with his wife and children in Monaco, just 200 meters from the starting line of the world-famous race track.

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