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Who we are

We are a growth investment firm founded by industry leaders and investors dedicated to powering exceptional fast-growing businesses of natural resource economies to drive sustainable growth, climate impact, and food security.

Vidavo is an investment firm based in San Francisco, Raleigh, and London with a global mandate to invest in game-changing companies advancing the next agro-industrial revolution and the global energy transition. We invest in projects and technologies in high-growth markets like sustainable farm inputs, critical battery minerals, and rural fintech solutions. Our team of seasoned investors and CEOs from leading industry multinationals has the inside track to these key industries and invests in companies at the growth stage. We also co-founded the turningpoint Alliance, a group of agrifood industry leaders and farmers representing over 10 million acres of cropland and 15 million tons of livestock dedicated to advancing new technology to build sustainable and climate-smart food systems.

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