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Investing in Rural Prosperity and the Energy Transition

Our Purpose

To invest in exceptional fast-growing businesses of the natural resource economy, driving sustainable growth, climate impact, and food security.


Vidavo and ZERO Summit co-founded the turningpoint Alliance™ to partner with the most visionary and influential farmers, co-ops, and agribusiness leaders to improve the food system's climate resiliency and carbon footprint at a large scale. Our members represent over 10 million acres of cropland and 15 million tons of livestock, as well as novel input providers, tech innovation firms, food companies, and corporate buyers of carbon credits. Turningpoint also wants to identify, advance, and increase investment in emerging technology innovations critical to industry-wide sustainable growth.

10 mill. acres
of cropland

15 mill. tons
of livestock

Sustainable Growth
& Food Security

We invest in companies that improve the profitability, productivity, and environmental footprint of rural economies and agrifood value chains. Examples: switching to modern biological inputs, enabling the use of renewable energy, moving to more resource-efficient production processes, increasing access to capital, fostering a circular economy, and lowering transport needs.

Energy Transition
& Climate Resilience

We invest in companies that enable the transition to renewable sources of energy, for example, advancing critical battery minerals, EVs, and industry electrification. We improve climate resilience, for example, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to expand weather and crop insurance access, manage wildfires, or help farmers deal with water scarcity.


Battery Minerals

Resource Efficiency
and Automation

Climate Adaption


Our Pledge to Entrepreneurs

Opening Doors

Our team has a vast network of industry contacts with potential customers, partners, experts, and investors in key international markets.

Sparring Partners

Fast scaling can be a challenging task. We leverage our sector-focused investment and operating expertise to help you navigate market realities.

Hiring Talent

We can be a great source of referrals for global talent, help you vet candidates, or advise you on organizational development.

Investment Thesis

Climate Impact

We invest in companies that demonstrate a positive contribution to our climate impact goals.

We invest in people first! And look for exceptional, diverse, values-driven teams with industry expertise.

Top Teams

Robust commercial value prop. based on capital-light business models and proven but disruptive technology.


A high conviction in our ability to add value is a prerequisite to our investment decision.

The Vidavo Difference

We aim to form sustainable partnerships that create win-win situations for entrepreneurs and investors.

We focus on companies solving important customer pain points, demonstrating fast commercial traction.

Reasonable Valuations

Fast Growth


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