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climate investing by industry insiders

Our Mission

Transforming our industries from the inside out!

A venture capital firm
with the
inside track
to the most essential yet energy-intensive industries.
We invest in solutions at the intersection between 
economic and climate goals

Energy & Carbon


We invest in startups that improve the energy and carbon footprint of value chains that produce and sell goods, foods, and services, for example, by enabling renewables, moving to more efficient production processes, reducing fossil fuel-based raw materials, and making logistics more efficient.

Climate change is making extreme weather events more frequent. We invest in increasing the resilience of industries, and farmers. For example, using AI and IoT to boost weather and crop insurance access, manage wildfires, or help farmers deal with water scarcity. 

Industrial Manufacturing


Industrial Mobility

Our Pledge to Entrepreneurs

Opening Doors

Our team has a vast network of industry contacts with potential customers, partners, experts, and investors in key international markets. We enjoy leveraging these contacts to support founders.

Sparring Partners

Stepping into complex industrial markets can be a challenging task for entrepreneurs. We want to be sparring partners for founders that must navigate through different market realities and regulations.

Hiring Talent

Many founders are looking to hire executives and team members worldwide. We can be a great source of referrals, help you vet candidates, or advise you on organizational development.

Investment Thesis

Climate Impact

We invest in companies that demonstrate a positive contribution to the fund’s climate impact goals.

We invest in people first! And look for exceptional, diverse, values-driven teams with industry expertise.

Top Teams

Digital solutions based on capital-light business model innovation building on established tech ecosystems.


A high conviction in our ability to add value to the startups is a prerequisite to our investment decision.

The Vidavo Difference

Our objective is to form sustainable partnerships that create win-win situations for founders and investors.

We focus on startups solving important customer pain points and demonstrating strong commercial traction.

Reasonable Valuations

Fast Traction


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